Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Lion And The Rabbit

Once upon a time there was a beautiful forest. In that forest there lived a ferocious and a very arrogant lion. The lion was very greedy and killed many animals daily. He ate only few parts of an animal then kill another one for no reason, in this way he killed many animals daily.

By seeing that all the animals were very sad and lived in a fear that he might kill him/her next. So they all gathered up for a meeting and decided that they would talk to the lion and present an offer in front of him.

Finally they all reached to the lion's den and presented their offer that, "your majesty please don't kill many animals every day, by killing many animals everyday the number of animals in the forest is decreasing very quickly. Also you have to work hard for catching them, so your majesty, we all have decided that if everyday one of us come to you voluntarily to be eaten by you. Then you wouldn't have to work hard for catching an animal and also we would not live in fear that who would be killed next by you".

The arrogant lion agreed the animals demand, thinking that its great without any effort i would get an animal to eat everyday.

Then after talking to the lion animals decided that everyday one animal from a different species would go to the lion's den, in this way all the species would have equal chances to live. From the very next day one animal started to go to the lion's den to be eaten by him. The lion was happy because he was getting his meals without any effort and animals were happy too.

One day it was the turn of rabbits. So rabbits were very sad and it was difficult for them to choose who would go to the lion's den. Then an old rabbit voluntarily agreed to go by saying that i have lived enough so it would be better for us if i would go first instead of a younger rabbit. The rabbit met his family last time, said goodbye and finally started to walk towards the loin's den.

While the rabbit was on his way he was thinking of getting rid of that lion forever. Suddenly on his way he saw a well and then an idea clicked in his mind. He started walking slowly and reached to the lion's den very late.

The lion became very angry and said, "why are you so late ?". The rabbit replied wisely and told the lion that your majesty, another lion has come to this forest. And he is much bigger and stronger than you. He stopped me on the way and threatened to eat me. The lion angrily asked the rabbit "Do you know where he lives ?". The rabbit replied in 'yes' and at the same time he also said your majesty he is so strong, he might harm you. Now its enough for lion, his anger is over the limit.

He roared loudly and asked the rabbit to lead him to that lion. Arrogant lion said i will kill him at once. Then rabbit said okay sir, and asked the lion to follow him. The rabbit led him to the well that he saw while coming to the lion's den.

The lion asked the rabbit "does he live here ?". Rabbit replied in yes, inside this well. The foolish lion peeped into the well and mistook his own reflection as another lion. He angrily roared and the echo came back to him. He thought that the other lion is challenging him to fight, so he jumped into the well. Inside the well the foolish lion didn't find anything except water. He tried to come out but it was too late.

The lion roared and roared for help but no one came to help him and finally the lion drowned into the well and died. That was the end of an arrogant lion and all the animals of the forest started to live happily.
Moral: Wisdom is stronger than physical strength.