Monday, June 9, 2014

I Want To Purchase A Rose For My Mother

A man stopped at flower shop and asked for a bouquet of roses for his mother who lived 200 miles away. He wanted to parcel it to his mother. Suddenly he saw a cute little girl sitting just on the side of the flower shop, she looked little worried. So he asked the girl what's wrong and she replied, " I want to buy a rose for my mother. Then he asked so what's the problem, don't you have money ?.

The girl replied in yes and said i have 75 cents but a rose costs 2 dollars, so i can't purchase it.

The man smiled and said come with me and he then purchased two bouquet of roses, one for his mother and one for the little girl. The little girl became happy, then as they were leaving he offered the girl a ride home. She said, "yes, please ! You can take me to my mother. She directed him to a cemetery, where she place the bouquet on a freshly dug grave.

By seeing that man's eye filled with tear and he cancelled the plan of parceling the bouquet. After that, he drove 200 miles to his mother's house.
Moral: Life is Short !. Spend much time as you can loving and caring people who love you.  Enjoy each moment with them before it’s too late.  There is nothing important than family.