Thursday, June 5, 2014

Husband Birthday SMS

What's the best gift I could give you on your Birthday today? A perfect kiss? A loving hug? A few buckets of love? A beautiful message? Even all of this put together as your Birthday gift wouldn't be enough, because you are so dear to me. Happy Birthday to the most special person in my life!
It is difficult to be married to a husband as handsome as you, because when other women drool at you I wish I knew kung fu. Happy birthday to my darling hubby.
You have been the best thing that could have happened to me, giving me so much laughter, so much joy and so much love. So on your birthday, I would just like to say thanks, and remind you of how very very much I love you.
Happy Birthday for the smartest, inspiring, loving, and simply the best husband in the world! Lots of hugs, kisses and love coming your way!
Like there are girl friends, there are wife-friends as well dear! Thanks for being such a fantastic friend! Happy Birthday my life.
You're the song, I love to play over and over. You're the movie I never get tired of. You're the book I can never put down. You're the one I love forever. Happy Birthday My Love.
If someone asked me the secret to a happy marriage, I would reply that the only secret to a happy marriage is finding a wonderful husband like you. Happy birthday darling.
It doesn’t look like so many years have passed, each time I look at you my heart still misses a beat! Happy Birthday Love.
I never knew what SOUL MATE meant until I met you – the man whose heart spoke to mine and whose soul mated with mine. Happy birthday.
It’s your birthday,
Another day to realize,
That time is flying away…
Another day acting as a measure,
Of this wonderful time we’re having together,
Another day when I should let you know in written…
Along with whispering it your ear with a sigh...
That I love you more and more as time goes by...
To my husband who is fortunately the love of my life...
Happy Birthday !
For me your Birthday is just another day like all the others, because the fact is that every single day with you is a non-stop celebration for me.
Thank for everything and
Happy Birthday baby!
I can only wish you more blessings to make all your wishes come true. But above all, I pray that you get more tolerance for the rough times, and acceptance for things that you cannot change. Happy Birthday Husband!
I'm so lucky to be blessed with a man like you in my life. Work may let me down, but I know that when I come home, you are always there to pull me up. Wishing you a very loving and warm Happy Birthday.
In the morning today, I suddenly noticed you’re looking older. A few extra grays on your head, a few more wrinkles getting more widespread. But that’s okay, you still look handsome hon. And you always will. I love you, and Happy Birthday, Sweetheart.
A hundred candles to light up your Birthday party would be less, compared to the amount of light and shine you have brought in my life. Have a great Birthday sweetheart.
Every time life has been tough and every time a storm tried to blow me away, you have been my rock and you have always saved the day. Every time I look at you and every time I see your handsome face, I feel lucky to be your wife and I feel glad that no one else took my place. Happy birthday.
All the wrapping paper in the world wouldn't be enough if I wanted to wrap my love for you as a special gift on your Birthday. Happy Birthday to the most loving husband from the most loving wife!
As you celebrate your birthday, why not close your eyes and relieve the very first time we met. Looking back, we always were blessed with our love for each other and I hope it continues through the years, Happy Birthday!
You suddenly look more mature, wise, smart, clever and beautiful. Is it a miracle of the heavens or is it your Birthday today? So let's celebrate this special day of your life!
I wanna be looking in your eyes, I wanna be there for you, sharing everything you do, I wanna grow old with you.
Happy Birthday my man! 
My Facebook timeline is such a true mirror of my life. Colorless and incomplete if my husband’s taken away from it. Happy Birthday to the color and charm of my life… You make my life complete sweetheart.
Deep down in my heart I know that I can trust you blindly. But you taught me something more important – which is to trust myself blindly. Happy birthday honey.
We promised each other that we would grow old together. As the years pass by and as you turn one year older on your Birthday, I am reminded of how lovely it has been being with you. Let's celebrate this day and wish that each and every moment of the future turns out to be as heavenly as it has been so far. Happy Birthday Dearest.
Darling I want you to know that despite the grey hairs, you are still the best-looking guy in the room for me. Well, it’s another story when our son is around because he definitely inherited your good looks. Happy Birthday!
Whenever you need me I’ll be there for you, standing by you, supporting you, because you are the brightest star that lightens every step of mine.
Happy Birthday my love!
If anyone compliments me for being a good professional, good mother or good wife, I tell them the main reason behind my success – a good husband. Happy birthday.
Even today I love going out with you because you pamper me like it is our first date every time. Happy birthday hubby, it is my turn to pamper you today.
Since the day I met you I have found
This feeling that abides within.
A constant that inhabits my heart
A knowing that lingers
A sense that has been.
Thank you for loving me. Happy Birthday dear husband.
I am celebrating your birthday not just because you are my husband. I am celebrating your birthday because you make my life a celebration every day. Happy birthday hubby.
I love you more than you’ll ever see, more than my heart could ever show, I love you more than you’ll ever know.
Happy Birthday my dear!
On this special day I want you to know,
I love you more than I could write in words or show.
I want to love you for the rest of my life,
There won't be day when I tell good-bye!
Birthday cards are all the same,
That just seems an awful shame.
But this one's different from the start,
Since it traveled from the heart !
The best moments of my life were the ones I shared with you. Let us continue to create wonderful moments that we can look back to when we all have gray hairs and wrinkles on our face. Happy Birthday Sweetheart!
On your birthday I want you to know the real reason why we became parents. I had a baby with you not because we are married. I had a baby with you because I wanted our child to have your good looks, witty intelligence and values. Happy birthday.
You are the one that guides me in the dark, you are the one that holds me so tight, you are the one I need to hear when I’m sad,
you are the one who won my heart.
Happy Birthday my love!
You are the person, whom I blindly trust, Because for you, my happiness is a must!!! Thanks for everything and A Very Happy Birthday!!!!
On your birthday my sweetheart, I wish you lots of love and joyous moments. You have been the one and only man I have loved my life and will remain forever till eternity. Love you a lot.
You have been a complete man, just like Raymond, You be my husband and also Damon!!! Happy Birthday Hubby!!! 
Hey Hubby, You have always given me what I wanted. It’s time for me to give you something now. So here’s where I wish you a very happy birthday and loads of luck!!!
Of all the things you share with me darling. The favorite is your love. Happy birthday to my heart of hearts, my true love. 
Everything in life has limits except one thing – the way my love for you has grown and will keep growing till the day that I die. Happy birthday.
On your 50th birthday, I wish you a happy birthday and pray to the Lord to shower his choicest blessings of love and happiness in your life.
This is your first birthday with me, I hope more than mine, your birthdays I see!!! Happy birthday hubby!!
Happy birthday to the man who never stopped me from believing in my dreams but more importantly, taught me how to live my dreams.
On your birthday today, I wish that your life becomes the perfect recipe of 7 pounds of love, 3 oz. of health, 5 ml of concern sprinkled with a garnish of wealth and a zest of good fortune. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday darling.
You've given me everything I've always asked for - lots of love, the best house, the best clothes, the best set of kids, the best holidays and the best life. Today it's my turn to ask you. 'Tell me something that I can give you today because it's your Happy Birthday!'
You're the reason my life is worth living
You're the reason every day is worth waking up to
You're the reason there's a smile on my face
You're the reason the sun shines on me every morning
You're the reason I want to celebrate every single day of our lives
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday
May you get everything you hoped, dream and wished for.