Sunday, June 8, 2014

Boss's day SMS

Boss's Day is a special day for employees as well their bosses. Boss's Day is celebrated on 16th October every year. This day is special for employees because on this they can show their respect to their boss and by wishing boss on this day also shows how sincere they are to him/her. So for this special day we have collected some great wishes / SMS for you so that you can impress your boss. Below are some Boss's day SMS that you can send to your boss:

You are the kind of person that every employer needs in order to have
an enjoyable and pleasant environment for his work. Happy Boss's Day Boss !
With an encouraging Boss like you we never felt any burden on our shoulders. Thanks Boss, you are so supportive. Happy Boss's Day !
On this special day i just want to thank you for always supporting and encouraging me. Boss you are a great person and a great friend. Happy Boss's Day Boss !
Bosses like you made the employees work so easy and joyful. Thanks for always inspiring us boss. Happy Boss's Day Boss!
Today is a perfect day to tell you that you have been a wonderful boss, friend, colleague, supporter and guide. May you get the best of everything in life! Happy Boss Day !
Happy Boss’ Day! The world is a better place, because of motivating people like you, who actually do take the time to do things, the way you always do. With you as our leader and boss, we’re really rolling stones that gather no moss! Happy Boss's Day !
With a foreman like you all the objectives and tasks we daily have, turn into a pleasant and enjoyable process. Happy Boss's Day and never change the way you are !
Dear boss working with you is such a pleasurable experience for me, you taught me how to tackle difficult situations. You are a great boss and a great person. Happy Boss's Day !
Boss whenever i found myself in doubt you were always there for me to help me out. Thanks boss for all your support and trust on me. Happy Boss's Day !
It’s nice to work for someone who knows the secret to being a good boss, being a good person. Happy Boss Day !
As a boss you have looked after us every step of the way. In return, we wish you success, health and happiness. Happy Boss's Day Dear Boss!
You're everything I wish to be
You mean all the world to me.
I'm so glad we celebrate this day yearly
Because you're the greatest boss and I
Love you dearly
Now that all of this flattery
Is through
You'll give me a raise if you know
What's good for you.
Happy Boss's Day !
Most bosses are preachers, but you are a true leader. Most bosses are just managers, but you also a mentor. Most bosses arrogantly demand respect, but you deserve it because you are perfect. Happy Boss's Day Dear Boss !
May you always have the iron will needed for a luminous and successful life. Happy Boss Day !
Leadership isn't a skill, it's a talent
we appreciate how you always give your
best & inspire us to do the same.
We're glad to work with you.
Happy Boss's Day.
Dear Boss you are a source of inspiration for me, in those years you taught me many great things that i don't think i would ever learn without your support. Happy Boss's Day !
People say bosses are arrogant, But you proved them wrong. You are such a kind and humble person And the best thing about you is you are a great boss !
Happy Boss's Day !
It’s a pleasure to work with someone who knows how to make a friendly and delightful work environment for himself and his associates. Happy Boss's Day !
Today is one of those rare days when we will actually listen to everything you say and do everything you ask us to. After all, it is your day, isn’t it too?
Happy Boss's Day Boss !
Thanks for always being there to support and guide us through our responsibilities at work. Happy Boss Day !
Today is a perfect day to tell you that you have been a wonderful boss, friend, colleague, supporter and guide. May you get the best of everything in life! Happy Boss's Day !
Since you have always led us in the right direction when it comes to work, today we will lead you in the right direction of the pub. Happy Boss's Day Boss!
Working for you has been such a pleasure. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience with us. Happy Boss Day, Boss !
We have never met a person as kind, humble and down-to-earth as you. You are the best role model whom we could look up to. Thank you for being a lovely boss. Happy Boss's Day Dear Boss !
Our success is only a reflection of how you’ve molded us to be the best workers this side of the universe. Happy Boss's Day !
I really appreciate your helpful and motivating leadership. You are an excellent leader with a generous heart. Happy boss day !
In having a boss like you I take a lot of pride, and working with you has been a complete joyride. Happy Boss's Day !
Bosses are supposed to be mean and heartless. How did you turn out to be kind and selfless? Happy Boss Day, Dear Boss !
If all the bosses in the world were as cool as you, all the employees in the world would be as happy as us. Happy Boss's Day, Boss!