Saturday, May 24, 2014

Brother Birthday SMS

Thank you being there for me all those years. Thank you for your support, inspiration and all the guidance I needed to move on in the tricky game called life. Happy Birthday Brother !

There were good times, There were bad times Remembering those memories bring back the happiness we once experienced I am wishing you to have a day that is as special as you, Happy Birthday Dear Brother !

You made me smile, cry and fight. You gave, shared and snatched. But you never ceased to love, care and bother. I wish I can go back in time, and slap myself every time I hurt you. I Wish you a very Happy Birthday. May god pour all his love and warmth on you.

There's no brother better than you. Of course, you're the only brother I've ever had, so I wouldn't know the difference. Actually, I know you’re the best. Happy birthday Dear Brother !

You are my protector, my number one fan, my avid supporter, My idol, my inspiration, my best friend – rolled into one. I’m glad I have you as my brother. Happy Birthday !

Superheroes are one in a million. Great brothers like you are one in a lifetime. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday bro. I wonder if I will ever be able to repay my dues, after what you've done for me in my life. Thanks for being there every step of the way.
Happy Birthday Bro !

Happy birthday to the world's best brother. No, happy birthday to the solar system's best brother.
happy birthday to the universe's best brother.

Everything may last and end, But not the love and respect I have for you. Wishing you a wonderful and great birthday!
Happy Birthday Brother !

Bill Cosby said  “The first Born in every family is always dreaming for an imaginary older brother or sister who will look out for them” ” I’m so lucky you borne first. Happy Birthday my dear brother.

For all the times we fight and you just run at the corner and cry. Remember that all those fights are just part of being my brother. You’ll always be the love of my life and I love you always. Happy Birthday, bro!

Your Birthday reminds me of all the fantastic memories that we've shared in our lives. Let's go down the memory lane and celebrate those awesome moments on this special day. Happy Birthday brother!

Hoping you spend your birthday doing your favorite things. The best for the best. That's you, bro! Happy birthday!

I may not say this everyday but I am grateful to have a brother like you. Remember that I’m always here for you. To knock the weakness out of you. Joke. I love you. Happy Birthday Dear Brother!

May God bless you with loads of happiness and joy in every step of yours. Happy Birthday to the most important person I have ever known.
Have a Fantastic Day Dear Brother !

May you receive special gifts on your birthday Gift of love, Gift of joy, Gift of happiness, Gift of peace, Gift of prosperity, Gift of good life. Wishing you all the best!
Happy Birthday My Sweet Brother !

May you get even more than you need for your birthday. Remember Mom told you to ALWAYS share with me. Kidding ..... Happy Birthday Brother u.

If I will be given a chance to make a wish, I will wish you to live hundreds of years. So we can be together and share lots of cheers Have a good time through the years. Happy Birthday, bro!

For me, you are “BROTHER”:
B – Brilliant
R – Responsible
O –Optimistic
T – Talented
H – Handsome
E – Excellent
R – Real
Happy Birthday, dearest bro!

A brother is always a great piece of childhood. My childhood is full of loving memories filled with so much love and happiness.
Thank you for all these great memories.
Thank you for all these great moments.
Happy Birthday, Bro!

I'm so glad that God took just enough time out of His busy schedule to give me an amazing brother like you. Happy birthday Brother !

I wish God that he will fulfill all your desires and all your dreams may come true ....Happy Birthday Dear Brother !

Thank You brother for helping me in all kind of situations, you are the best brother in the world that an individual can ask for, Thank you for all your love and support.
Happy Birthday Brother !

Every smile and every tear, every sweat and every cheer make me feel that being with you invincible is no fear.
Happy Birthday my dear brother!

If I could put my heart together with my birthday gift, I will. That is to show and let you know how much I love and cherish you. Wishing you to have a special and happy birthday!

If I could put my heart together with my birthday gift, I will. That is to show and let you know how much I love and cherish you. Wishing you to have a special and happy birthday!

There have been times when you have let go of your own happiness to look after mine. Today, I just want to say that I'm very thankful to God for letting me have such a caring brother in my life. I love you. Happy Birthday!

May your birthday bring happiness, love and success to you. May you have a special birthday and marvelous year ahead. Happy birthday to my dearest brother!

Despite all our arguments and all our misunderstandings you know that you are one the most beloved persons in my life.
Happy Birthday my brother!

Happy Birthday to the best brother ever. that We may not always agree on everything but I am sure we do on this!!
Happy Birthday Dear Brother !

Happy birthday to one of the coolest, most interesting people I have ever known and just happens to be a great brother too.
Happy Birthday To one of the coolest Brother in this world !

After dad and mom, you have been the third parent to me. You have taught me life skills that no textbook or parenting lesson could ever have. Here's a toast to the best individual in my life. Happy Birthday!

Everything about you is awesome — your brains, your personality,  your kindness, your love and, most of all, your size. May you also have an awesome birthday!

Your Birthday should be a national holiday because you are the most humble and genuine person in the whole world. Happy Birthday to the hero of my life! 

Thank you very much for the love, support and tender loving care You have showered and gave me through the years. Happy Birthday to the most handsome and coolest brother in the World !

I don't fall down much any more, but I know that you would always be there to pick me up. Happy Birthday Brother !

Growing up, we've created some amazing memories—every single one as unforgettable as, well, you. I’m incredibly glad that we had the chance to share them together. Happy birthday, bro!

I am so thankful to have a big brother like you To always teach me and take time to hang out with me. You deserve the best for your birthday.
Happy Birthday Brother !

Growing up with you has been the greatest experience of my life. I am so happy to celebrate your birthday with you and many more to come. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my fun and adventurous brother!! Have fun but please be careful! I want you celebrate many more birthdays.

Today is a perfect day to tell you that I love you too much, care for you too much, miss you too much and pray for you too much. In short, you mean a lot to me dear brother. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday! No mother, father, sister, friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife can ever fill the shoes of a loving brother like you. Thanks for filling in the void in my life and being the most ideal brother.

We shared a womb - that's pretty creepy sounding. But it worked out pretty well for both of us. Happy Birthday Brother !

I never wished for getting another brother you know why? Because you had caused more than enough troubles for me! :P :D Happy Birthday!

You have been more of a best friend for me than brother. I can share everything with you, I chose today to thank you for being this way. Happy Birthday Brother !

I searched Αnd searched for sοmething
Tο give you οn your special day.
But nothing was quite good enοugh
Or nοt the words I wanted tο say!
I looked Ιn the stores tο find
That perfect little GΙFT
Something very especial
Tο give your heart Α lift. 

Dear Brother, yοu have always been there, Α protector and supporter, Α friend and a helper. I lοve you. Happy Birthday! May yοu have many, many mοre good years, fine times Αnd great memories tο share!

On yοur Βirthday Ι want tο say that I’m very thankful tο God fοr letting Μe have such Α caring Βrother in my life! Μay yοu get the Βest οf everything Ιn life.

I just want to wish you lots of luck,
good health and yes lots of wealth,
On this day,
Wish you a super birthday,
To my lovely bro!
Happy Birthday Dear Brother !

I am so proud to call you my bro,
On this special occasion,
I want you to know,
That you are truly special,
Happy birthday bro,
Have a Wonderful day!

Yοur Βirthday is such Α happy day, Βrother! Εspecially because WΕ can celebrate it Αll together!
Then Ι felt a gentle nudge That gave me quite Α start
T’was if a voice had said tο me “Look within yοur heart!”
Sο I looked inside my heart Αt all the memories there οf all the wonderful loving Memories that we share.

Sometimes I do get angry on you,
But, it's all in good spirit,
Sometimes I also feel bad for you,
But, you know the reason or clue,
I just want to tell you,
I love you bro,
Happy birthday!

I wish I could come there and give you a big hug. I really want to meet you but the situations are not it favor of that. So sending this message with all my blessings to you. Have a wonderful birthday my sweet little brother.

All our childhood memory empower this fact that you are the greatest brother every. Have a wonderful birthday!

I once heard them say that God made you & then broke the mold. But sometimes I wonder if they didn't confuse the order in which that happened. Happy birthday to my unique brother.

Happy Birthday! Today I am armed with awesome childhood memories of the fun times spent with you, brother. Let's celebrate this special day by promising each other that we'll always lookout for one another, no matter what. 

With you, around,
There is something to cheer,
I feel so gloomy,
When you aren't near,
I love you a lot my bro,
Happy birthday and have a lovely day!

Brothers are a little piece of childhood which reminds of who you truly are. They bully but care at the same time, all those memories are the reason for who you are now. I want to thank you for being my brother. Happy Birthday Bro!

Bro you know what,
I may be mad at you,
All the fights that we have,
But, do you have a clue,
That I also love you,
Yes! That is true,
Happy birthday bro!

I pray to god that you get everything what you desire of. May all your big dreams get wings. God bless you!

If I had to choose between tons of treasure and my brother's love, I'd go for the latter, hands down. There's nothing in this world that can compare to the love of my dearest bro. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.