Saturday, May 24, 2014

Aunt Birthday Sms

Every time I needed support when I am scolded for doing something wrong,
I would run towards you and hide.
Even though I was wrong you supported me.
Thanks for being there.
Happy birthday aunt.

When I am down and out
When I am full of doubt
There is only one person who can calm me
And make me feel carefree
That special person my dear aunt, is you
As you welcome a year new
I wish you the very best of things
Happy birthday, may all your dreams get wings....!
Happy Birthday Dear Aunt :)

Dear Aunt you made my life really easy,
whenever i found myself in trouble ,
you were always there to help me,
whenever i felt alone you just come and removed my loneliness,
Aunt you are not my Mom but You are more than a Mother for Me....
I Love U Aunt .......Happy Birthday :)

I consider myself lucky
To be one of those few
Who is a niece
To an aunt like you
Because whenever I am in trouble
You stick to me like glue
You are the best
Happy birthday, I love you :)

Dear Aunt thanks for supporting me always,
whenever i got stuck in any trouble,
You were always there to get me out of trouble,
You always considered me first before your real children..
Thanks for all your love and support ..
Happy Birthday dear Auntie ......!

This is your special day Aunt,
So don't be emotional today,
lets enjoy this day together,
after all you are the most beautiful and loving aunt in this world ..
Love u Aunt ......
Happy Birthday :)

God couldn’t be everywhere so he thought what to do to help his children,
And then an idea came in his mind, and he created you ......
Thanks aunt for always loving and helping me :)
Happy Birthday, Auntie!

Believe it or not, I’m always thinking about you and how much you mean to me and our family.
You are a special part of my life and I’m
grateful that you’re my aunt.
Happy Birthday Dear Auntie !

Whenever Mom and Dad gets angry on me, you are always there protect me ..
Whenever i have been in doubt are always there to support me ..
Whenever i feel sad, you are always there to give me your shoulder....
Thanks for Loving and caring me Aunt ....
Happy Birthday Aunt !

Dear Aunt You are like an Angel for me ,
Thanks for all your love and support ..
Happy Birthday Aunt....!

May your birthday be beautiful and special just like you!
Happy Birthday,
Auntie :)

The only reason I was never scared to make mistakes when I was young is because I knew that you would always be there to defend me in front of mom and dad.
Happy birthday to the best aunt ever :)

When I am full of doubt
There is only one person who can calm me
And make me feel carefree
That special person my dear aunt, is you
As you welcome a year new
I wish you the very best of things
Happy birthday, may all your dreams get wings....!

When I am down and out
You add spark to dull family parties,
glitz to boring weekend getaways and spirit to family gatherings.
In short, family events without you would be so dead.
Happy birthday to my great aunt.

Bring the noise! This is the one time you won’t have to
use your inside voice!
Very Happy Birthday, Auntie.....!

Warm thoughts, happy times, and pleasant memories are so much a part of you, my favorite aunt! And because you mean so much, I wish you an especially happy birthday with love. 

If all men would have had
Aunts like you when they were small
They would have been taught manners
And how to stand confidently tall
They would have been taught the value of love
And how to get a woman's respect
They would have strived to succeed
To make their families' lives perfect
Happy birthday to such a great aunt...........!

You are an awesome sister to my mom, awesome sister-in-law to my dad, awesome wife to your husband and an awesome aunt to me. Is there anything in life which you are not awesome at? Happy birthday Dear Aunt ..We all love You :)

Aunt you are like a superwoman for me who always scold my dad for me, and prevented me from my dad's anger ....
Kidding , thanks for your love aunt
Happy Birthday , love u aunt :)

Aunts like you are precious and few.
With aunt like you dreams come true.
Happy Birthday auntie!

Happy birthday to my aunt who comes to rescue me every single time I feel as small, timid and insignificant like an ant. Happy birthday Dear Aunt.

My dearest Auntie a little blessing to you, I will send, have the best birthday, have many happy days, memorable moments and a special year.
you are a special part of my life and soul...
Happy Birthday Aunt....!

Dear Aunt you are like one of the Major pillars of my family,
without you this house can't stand for a second ....
Thanks for always supporting us........
Happy Birthday Dear Aunt ...!

I have so many wonderful women in my life. You are definitely one of them.
I appreciate all that you do and love you dearly.
Happy Birthday to you, Aunt.

Your birthday party is not just a celebration of one more year in your wonderful life. It is also a celebration of how youthful you have kept all of us with your contagious energy. Happy birthday to my dear aunt.

My wish for you is a better tomorrow that is full of promise and hope.
My wish for you is that you will never give up and that your inner strength will help you when you feel you’re at the end of your rope.
Happy Birthday
Auntie !

Tell me the truth at least now, you are my elder sister right. You look so young aunty.
Happy Birthday To my worlds prettiest aunt ever .....

Today is the best day for sharing this…You are a fantastic aunt and
I wish you every happiness!
Happy Birthday!

Ladies and Gentlemen: The myth of beauty and brains don’t go together has been demolished by my super aunt. Happy birthday to the aunt who proved great philosophers wrong. Have a great year ahead.

My aunt is so cool,
I know it, I'm not a fool;
My aunt is simply great,
Whom I can't forget,
Today I'll say loud and clear,
Happy birthday aunt dear! 

If you weren’t a part of our big family, by now everything and everybody would have gone crazy.  Happy birthday to the aunt who spreads joy at every place she goes, and in the life of every person she knows.

I would love it if you were my sister and not my aunt. But the only reason I am happy that we aren’t sisters is that we never fight or blame each other for anything. Happy birthday Dear Aunt .

To me you have been extraordinary
Blessing me with the things I want, like a fairy
To me you have been the best
Loving me so much more than the rest
To me you have always shown extra care
By helping me to open up to you and share
Happy birthday to the best aunt ever
I wish you happiness always, sadness never.....!

It's amazing that my friends are not jealous of my boyfriend, my cool clothes or my fancy gizmos. They are jealous because I have a cool aunt like you. Happy birthday to the aunt with whom I can share everything. 

The word generation gap has taken its share of beating because of you. Never have you behaved with me in a way that I feel the age difference between us. Happy birthday cool aunt.

Whenever I think of you, I can remember your tight hugs, your bright smile, and how you always go out of your way to make other people happy. Happy Birthday my loving Aunt ...!

We have to celebrate a big birthday today. The whole family loves you very much and we wish that all your wishes can be accomplished. Have a great day . .

A happy birthday I wish for my aunt with a lot of love, because you are the person who has always been with me, in good times and bad times. Thank you very much for everything. I love you”.
Happy Birthday Dear Aunt !

Do not worry about how old you are you turning today , the important thing is that you are here with us one more year and we are very grateful for that. May you be very happy today on your birthday, dear aunt . “

Some days are gloomy, some are good. But you are always in a perfect mood. A wonderful aunt who is a friend too, here’s my special Birthday wish for you.

You have always been by our side to support us in the most difficult moments. You always taught us to look at the good side of things. For that reason and for many more, we want to wish you a very happy birthday, because you are a great person and you deserve all the love you have.
Happy Birthday Auntie ...!

I can’t tell you how many times we’ve giggled and how many hugs we shared. But, I can tell you how thankful I am that you’ve always been there! Happy Birthday, Aunt :)

You have always been with me in the happiest times , you have also known when to advise me on the most difficult times and you have always been willing to support me. Thanks for being you, I love you so much and I wish you the best birthday in the world. . . .

I wish you all the happiness in the world, you are a special person and you deserve the best. Happy Birthday dear aunt .

One more year has passed, and today we are more friends than ever before. Aunt of my heart, I wish you a very happy birthday. Thank you for being my confident...

For my most important and special aunt, because you have the most joyful and youthful heart that I have ever known. Happy birthday !

I hope that your birthday is full of dreams that magically come true and wonderful things that are especially for you! Happy Birthday, Aunt!

Feel proud to be who you are, because you’re the best of all. I love you, beautiful aunt. Have a happy birthday
You’re a very dear aunt who can brighten any day
by bringing joy and sunshine in your own special way,
So these wishes come to you for love and happiness
not only for today, but for many, many years to come.
Happy ."YEAR" Birthday, Auntie!

God couldn’t be everywhere so he created you. Happy Birthday, Auntie!

Someone like you can make the world a wonderful and happier place to live in… Happy birthday to my dear aunt! May you be blessed with sweetness, glow with happiness, be endowed with gifts and a happy long life! Happy birthday aunt!

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